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Welcome to Bike Gallery’s Workshop Services – Your ultimate destination for comprehensive bike maintenance!

At Bike Gallery, we understand that your bicycle is more than just a mode of transportation; it’s an extension of your lifestyle and a key part of your outdoor adventures. That’s why we’re proud to offer our top-notch Full Service Workshop, designed to keep your bike in peak performance condition.

As a guide line a full service is $300. This is the labour cost and does not include the cost of parts. At Bike Gallery we will never let a bike leave the shop that is not up to our own high standard, and as such the labour charge varies based on the condition of the bike.

Full build begin at $500. Please enquire to get an exact quote as modern bicycles vary greatly with labour time and as such the rate of labour.


Why choose Bike Gallery for your bike’s maintenance?

Experienced Bike Mechanics: Our team of highly skilled and certified bike mechanics boasts years of experience. They are passionate about all things cycling and are dedicated to ensuring your bike is in the best possible condition.

Comprehensive Checkup: When you bring your bike to us for a Full Service, we leave no stone unturned. We’ll thoroughly inspect every component of your bicycle, from the drivetrain to the brakes, ensuring everything is in perfect working order.

Professional Tune-Up: Your bike will receive a professional tune-up, including adjustments to gears and brakes, ensuring precise shifting and safe stopping power.

Lubrication and Cleaning: We’ll clean and lubricate your drivetrain, keeping your bike running smoothly and preventing premature wear and tear.

Safety Inspection: Your bike will undergo a rigorous safety inspection to ensure all critical components are in optimal condition, guaranteeing your safety on the road or trail.

Parts Replacement: If any parts are found to be worn or damaged during our inspection, we’ll consult with you before replacing them, ensuring transparency and cost-effectiveness.

Test Ride: Before we hand your bike back to you, we’ll take it for a test ride to make sure everything is working flawlessly.

Professional Advice: Our mechanics are always available to provide expert advice on maintenance, upgrades, and accessories to enhance your cycling experience.


Why Choose Bike Gallery?

Quality Assurance: We take pride in our work, and every bike serviced at Bike Gallery receives the utmost care and attention to detail.

Convenience: Our workshop service can save you from the hassle of bike maintenance and allow you to focus on what you love – riding.

Customer Satisfaction: Our commitment is to your satisfaction. We won’t rest until you’re completely happy with the service your bike receives.


Two Convenient Locations:

Bike Gallery is proud to serve you with not just one, but two fully equipped workshop locations for your convenience:

Hawthorn East: Located at 74 Auburn Parade, our Hawthorn East shop is ready to serve the eastern suburbs of Melbourne with our exceptional workshop services.

South Melbourne: Our new South Melbourne location at 203 Ferrars Street is strategically placed to cater to the inner-city and bayside cycling community, ensuring easy access to our top-tier maintenance.

Don’t wait until your bike’s performance suffers or, worse, breaks down. Trust Bike Gallery’s Workshop Services to keep your bike riding like new. Contact us today to schedule your Full Service, and let’s keep you rolling smoothly on the road or trail.

Your bike deserves the best – choose Bike Gallery for unparalleled service and performance!


"Finally had my dream bike built up with Bike Gallery and the service was exceptional and nothing has been a problem. Absolute legends to deal with and the quality of work is the best in Melbourne. I had a few missing parts we were waiting for to complete my build so the shop leant me various parts so I could get on the road.. absolute class. Thank you BG"

"Very happy with the service from the crew at BG. I was given good advice, had a frame and groupset secured much quicker than I thought was possible and the result is sensational. No hesitation in recommending their store. Thanks Cam."

"Flew this morning from Sydney to Melbourne to pick up this beauty. The team at BG are exceptionally experienced and friendly. They offered a cup of coffee and made sure I left their store with a big smile on my face. They went above and beyond to accommodate my order and ensured the bike was well packed before I left the store. Highly recommend these fellas. Thanks guys!"

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