Colnago V4RS

Sometimes it’s the little things, that make it all worthwhile and for a little old hubbard like me, sometimes you need to look good to feel good.

When it came to choosing a new pushy, I knew I had to pick carefully. Do I go down the path of something so aero that I couldn’t even get it to speed for the aerodynamics to work? Or something so light, it would mock me while trundling up the 1 in 20?

I decided against both options. This was my opportunity to fulfil my life long dream of being Tadej Pogacar, thus, my Colnago V4RS was born.

Now at first I thought I had no business getting a Colnago, as I have never extracted a tooth, nor was I born when Sergeant Peppers was topping the charts; but against all rhyme and reason I took the plunge.

Skepitcal at first – after all, Colnago has never really been known for their technical prowess – more famous for their style than substance you might say; more Gucci Horsebit loafer than Nike Kipchoge marathon winner.

Lo and behold, the bike is an absolute weapon. As light as a Great Northern, handles like Casey Stoner and looks like Heidi Klum. What more could you ask for in a bike?

I first noticed how good the bike was while chasing Ryan down ‘The Wall’. The absolute madman that he is – and though I was still getting dropped almost instantly – it looked like he was only on his first coffee when I arrived at Monbulk; a refreshing change from the usual regrouping as he finishes an 8th latte.

The second sign of love came when I stumbled across a little group spin called the Hell Ride. (I know what you’re saying “Ooooo those rambunctious road terrorisers, how could you do such thing?!”)

Judgement aside, I thought it was worth a try, see what all the fuss is about? And you know what, a few kms in, there I am, rolling turns with the big boys! Sure, cardiac arrest was surely imminent, and my face looked like the ripest tomato a caprese salad could ever imagine on an Italian summer’s day. And yet, I was still there! A feat previous bikes couldn’t muster, the personal sense of achievement filling my ego with pure happiness and joy. It only matched by the smugness a bike this good looking shouldn’t perform this well.

But what really makes me sleep at night, is getting to look at it when I go to bed, just after I give my girlfriend a kiss goodnight and slips into her sleeping bag on the floor, I get to hop into the big cosy bed with my Colnago.

Thats what makes it all worth it.

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