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Join us for the BG Shop Ride, a weekly cycling event that takes place every Saturday morning at 7 AM, starting from our Hawthorn East store. Embark on an adventurous 80km journey with 1100m of elevation, tracing the scenic route meticulously mapped on our Strava Page.

Our ride accommodates diverse preferences with two distinct pace groups. The Social Group offers a welcoming, no-drop experience, maintaining an average speed of approximately 26km per hour. This option is perfect for those looking to enhance their fitness while ensuring they have ample energy for the day ahead.

For the enthusiasts seeking an extra challenge, the Faster Group awaits. With an average pace exceeding 30km per hour, this ride is designed for those eager to push their limits. The route features two strategic re-group points, ensuring you have a chance to catch your breath along the way, but be advised that there are no additional regroup points beyond these. This ride is specifically recommended for riders with considerable experience.

We hope to see you on our next ride!


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