SRAM Force AXS D1 Shifter/Brake

SRAM Force AXS D1 Shifter/Brake

SRAM Force AXS D1 Shifter/Brake

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SRAM Shift/Hydraulic Disc Brake Force eTap AXS D1 Stealthamajig with Flat Mount 20mm SS Hardware – Rotor and Bracket Sold Separately.

Both sides come with 1800mm hoses so you can cut to your required length.

Wireless electronic shifting and hydraulic disc braking: the best of both worlds. The SRAM Force eTap AXS HRD shift-brake system integrates top technology into an efficient package and offers AXS for easy personalisation.

AXS enabled for easy personalisation
Simple and intuitive eTap shift logic
Award-winning HydroHC brake platform
Textured shift paddles and hoods for control and comfort
Personalise for your hands and preferences using the Contact Point Adjustment and separate Reach Adjust
One port per side for Blips
Bleeding Edge technology for easy and clean bleeds
Now backwards compatible with 11-speed eTap derailleurs

With this new caliper fluid circuitry, the bleed port has been moved to the bottom of the caliper, and all four piston bores can communicate. This way, during bleeding fluid natrually fills the caliper, resulting in an easier, more consistent bleed.


Some people like the instantaneous power of a short lever throw. Others prefer the feel of a longer throw. With Contact Point Adjust, you can pick the position you want your fingers to be in when your brakes are engaged. It’s a quick and easy way to customise the feel of your brakes without having to move the pads. It’s also a way to balance both brake levers to feel exactly the same.


Brake lever fit and feel is a personal thing. Riders have individual positioning preferences, as well as unique hand sizes and finger lengths. Reach Adjust makes it easy to adjust your lever for maximum one-finger control for everyone.

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