Maurten – Solid 160 – Cacao

Maurten – Solid 160 – Cacao

Maurten – Solid 160 – Cacao


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The all new Maurten Solid 160 – Cacao.
A Solid wrapper containing 2 mini-bars — 20 grams of carbohydrates in each or 40 grams in one hit.

Eat it all or save half for later. Break down your training. Break down your race. Break down your fuel.

Before: Solid 160 can help you load up on carbohydrates while keeping fiber intake low. It makes a great pre-race breakfast or snack in the days leading up to an important event.
During: Solid is a great fuel choice for low-to-medium intensity endurance sessions lasting over 2 hours. It provides variety in your fuelling without affecting the rate at which your body absorbs carbohydrates.
After: Intense training sessions or races deserve a reward. Solid is an excellent way to quickly replenish your carbohydrate levels.

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