Colnago V4RS Frameset – RVBK

Colnago V4RS Frameset – RVBK

Colnago V4RS Frameset – RVBK

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V4Rs is built to win

The bicycle is an extremely complex system made up of many parts, subsystems and components, and the numerous required performances can trade off between each other. When supporting a top-level team there is no room to neglect any single aspect: in one racing season, or even in one race or stage, there are several conditions and situations in which the rider who wants to win must not accept compromises.

To develop a bicycle that performs the best in all racing conditions is a tough job, especially when the starting point is the V3Rs, a bike which is already a proven winner in all kinds of competitions: 2 Tour de France GC, Monument Classics (Liege, Lombardia), Classics (Strade Bianche and cobble-stone stages), sprint finishes, etc.

The only possible way to evolve without neglecting any detail is to work directly and constantly in contact with the best and most demanding riders in the world: from the initial design inputs, to the final race validation, passing through all the development phases. The new Colnago V4Rs was built to do one thing: BUILT TO WIN.


Colnago’s partner for this innovative program is Italian tech company MyLime who has developed a strong base of partners in the luxury market. MyLime will connect Colnago frames to the Automotive Blockchain where records of any frame’s manufacture, transport and sale will be recorded. Because the data stored on the blockchain is distributed, it can not be faked or changed once registered, providing ultimate proof of ownership. (More can be found about Blockchain

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