2023 Cervelo S5 – Frameset – Five Black

2023 Cervelo S5 – Frameset – Five Black

2023 Cervelo S5 – Frameset – Five Black


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The S5 has one job—get to the line before everyone else. Under the likes of Wout van Aert, Marianne Vos, and Christophe LaPorte, the new model has already proven itself as a tool without equal. In the 2022 Tour de France, this bike propelled Wout to the highest ever Points Classification score of the modern era. At 480, Wout was some 194 points ahead of his nearest rival—tangible proof that Cervélo keeps delivering aerodynamic gains to our World Tour athletes.

The new S5 has reduced drag by 65 grams, and increased the frame’s surface area while still reducing overall weight. The deeper frame sections maximize the shapes allowed by the UCI. Meanwhile the iconic V-stem has been further refined and a new fork designed to simplify the entire front end.

What’s more, a ground-breaking new wheel design concept has been co-developed with Reserve to increase stability and reduce drag in turbulent aero conditions.

What’s new in 2023:

Handlebar: improved handlebar comfort and optimized shape to achieve a perfect flat transition between handlebars and brake levers. The new attachment of the S5 handlebar is designed with two screws, which allows the inclination to be infinitely adjusted between 0 and 5 degrees.

Stem: In the search for speed, everyone wants to try different positions to find the most aggressive setting. Not only does the S5’s iconic V-stem ensure a confident ride at high speeds, but it’s now remarkably easy to dial in your perfect setup. All necessary spacers are included and there is only one screw length, reducing complexity and making the system 53g lighter.

Wider rims and tires are aerodynamically faster and more comfortable. The S5 now offers space for a (measured) 34 mm tire

Seatpost: the new S5 comes with a 15mm offset seatpost in most sizes (versus 25mm offset on the previous S5). The old S5 seatposts are compatible and we are keeping the 400mm length. For those looking for a more extreme fit, the 25mm offset support will still be available.


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